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Current Issue

Current Issue
Symmetrical Trichotomy and Buddhistic Theory of Causality: A Search for New Recognition and Social Theory

유승무 Lew Seung-mu , 최우영 Choi Woo-young

Structure, Process and Form of “Self” in the Concept of N. Luhmann's “Autopoietic Systems”

이철 Lee Chul

A Suggestion on Korean Modern Civilization as the East Asia’s Mediterranean Hearth: Focused on the Cultural Change Theory

옥한석 Oak Han-suk

Prayer and Spirituality in the Interbeing-Theism: An Essay on a New Perspective on Religion

김종만 Kim Jong-man , 송재룡 Song Jae-ryong

Empathy and Communication Structure of the Joseon Dynasty Legal System

이재룡 Lee Jae-ryong

Transnational State in the Works of the Chinese American Writers: Focus in Novel “Chinatown Family”

손유디 Son Yoo-di , 여현철 Yeo Hyun-chul